Costumes You Can Borrow
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Times available in August thru September 10th for appointments are: OPEN - Appointment ONLY - Sundays and Mondays 1-8pm OPEN - Appointments ONLY -Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun - 7-8:30pm. CLOSED Thursday Times available from September 10th to October 31 for appointments are: OPEN - Appointments ONLY - Monday thru Friday - 6-8pm - PLAN AHEAD! 8:00pm appointments must be done with selection by 8:30pm. If you have an idea of what you want we can help you better. CLOSED Saturday and Sunday - NO EXCEPTIONS! As some of you know - I also co-manage Tigges Farm Produce and Pumpkin Patch. Last year, 2016 you ran me so ragged trying to do both and 14 hour days for six weeks was too much and I ended up with "shingles" the first week of November. So I am not being "hard to get along with." My body told me I can't do those kind of hours. I am looking out for my health as I don't want a repeat! November 1 thru 6 - Back to any day or evening appointments that works for both of us. November 7-16 - CLOSED. I belong to the Hands In Praise American Sign Language Choir and we will be doing a performance tour in Greenville, Tennessee and ending the tour with a performance at the Country Music Hall of Fame, November 13th in Nashville. Yup - we plan on a few days of play in Nashville before coming home. I need a little R&R once a year too. November 17 - resume back to any day or evening appointments that works for both of us, probably until August 2018.
NOTICE 1. Please plan ahead this fall. Appointment times are limited and firm!   2.  Please click here to find hours for September and October.