Costumes You Can Borrow
Colorado Costume Castle  12425 Weld County Road 64 1/2, Greeley, Colorado 80631 text or call 970-576-8970 email: 
Times available in August thru September 10th for appointments are: OPEN - Appointment ONLY - Sundays and Mondays 1-8pm OPEN - Appointments ONLY -Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun - 7-8:30pm.   CLOSED Thursday Times available from September 10th to October 31 for appointments are: OPEN - Appointments ONLY - Monday thru Friday - 6-8pm - PLAN AHEAD! 8:00pm appointments must be done with selection by 8:30pm. If you have an idea of what you want we can help you better. CLOSED Saturday and Sunday - NO EXCEPTIONS!  As some of you know - I also co-manage Tigges Farm Produce and Pumpkin Patch.  Last year, 2016 you ran me so ragged trying to do both and 14 hour days for six weeks was too much and I ended up with "shingles" the first week of November.   So I am not being "hard to get along with." My body told me I can't do those kind of hours.  I am looking out for my health as I don't want a repeat! November 1 thru 6 - Back to any day or evening appointments that works for both of us. November 7-16 - CLOSED.   I belong to the Hands In Praise American Sign Language Choir and we will be doing a performance tour in Greenville, Tennessee and ending the tour with a performance at the Country Music Hall of Fame, November 13th in Nashville.  Yup - we plan on a few days of play in Nashville before coming home.  I need a little R&R once a year too. November 17 - resume back to any day or evening appointments that works for both of us, probably until August 2018.